We are ClickFew

Click few is a financial software developed primarily for small and medium scale businesses to help them simplify the much striving accounting tasks. Cloud invoicing, expenses and purchases recording, tax reports and all other accounting tasks are now easier to deal with our simple and reliable software.


We are always in an effort to introduce new technologies that would simply the functioning of our software and hence to make our valuable customers happier and enjoy their work with ease. Moreover, all the features of our new technologies will be available for free for all customers.


We strive to achieve a stronger and stronger system for the reliability of our software. We use advanced solutions to enhance our security system and to ensure that your data is never accessed by anybody except you.


We love helping businesses to ease their operations in every possible way we can. Our open business community is a platform where business persons are able to sort out their doubts and get appropriate pieces of advice from other businesses ultimately building better business communities.
The software, being organized in the cloud is easily accessible to anyone and anywhere through an internet browser from your pc, laptop, mobile and even from your tab, with the help of our mobile and tab apps for IoS and Android platforms.
We value your data and so we ensure its reliability with our 3 tier cloud server which is protected manually and physically. Additionally, our customer-server communication is well protected with 256 bit SSL encryption technique.
Whatever be your business, we assure you to assist you with every step of your business’s accounting. Clickfew is a software particularly developed with the intention of resolving the accounting tasks of small and medium scale businesses. Alleviate your tensions regarding invoices and expenses, our software is dedicated to simplifying all your accounting tasks in just a few clicks.